Casey McCall
Attorney at Law

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"Father Upset When Suspect Accused Of Shooting His Daughter Is Freed"

"He's not been adjudicated a killer," McCall says. "He's maintained his innocence throughout this whole thing."               -Wave 3

"Activists question if race played a role in Covington's death"

"If the Commonwealth's Attorney Office and the detectives believe thatdm this was a justified homicide, that there's a self defense claim or something along those lines, they could have charged assault," said McCall. "They could have charged wanton endangerment. They could have charged leaving the scene of the accident. They could have charged numerous traffic offenses, thereby getting the suspect or possible suspect into custody and kind of control the case, which has not happened to this point."                                                                                                                                                 - wave 3

"Judge Sends Accused Killer Back to Jail"

Louisville attorney Casey McCall represents Davis. "He was released last week, came today. He has cooperated with me, done everything I have asked him to do, I expect that to continue, and I expect his bond will be posted this week, and he will be back out. He is not a threat to the public, or a flight risk" he said. -Wave 3